Ramblings of a mom way up past her bedtime.

What a week it’s been. It’ seriously seems like it’s been a non-stop whirlwind since last weekend and here tomorrow is Saturday already.

Last weekend, Marc and I took part in a beautiful wedding. As the Master and Mistress of Ceremony, we were on the run Friday night and all day Saturday. My parents came up to help watch the boys and of course, they had a wonderful time.

This week has been the week of meetings. With our 20’s Bible Study starting next week, my ladies Bible Study starting this week, and a retreat coming up next weekend, one or both of us were at church three nights this week.

This morning, Marc and his buddy headed Up Nort for a fishing/camping weekend. So last night we had two of his buddies over to spend the night in order to leave early. Andrew was sleeping fitfully and dealing with him in the top bunk was too much, so I moved him into our bed, fulling intending to move him back once his ‘bad dream’ or whatever his problem had past.

Oh no, he woke up puking all over. In. Our. Bed. I repeat, All. Over. Our. Bed. We clean it up, stick him in the shower, deal with a few more ‘episodes’, clean them up, and by 1pm, he was a happy, healthy, perfectly wide awake boy.

However, after spraying our mattress down with Bleach/Water, it wasn’t in any condition to slept in. I wasn’t going to put Andrew back on the top bunk… just in case. So now we have the guest room already booked, the couch already booked, and no bed for myself, Marc, and Andrew. The guys ended up taking their party to a different house and we all ended up sleeping just fine… even the puppy.

Yes… puppy. I have the boys solo, however, we are also puppy sitting an adorable 14 week old dog. It’s going very well, actually. The boys are big fans, as long as the puppy is on leash, behind the baby gate, or in his kennel.

Tomorrow we are taking advantage of Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day and going to the AirZoo. Hopefully, I’ll get some good pictures. Truthfully, I am pretty excited about it myself.

Finally, Andrew finished week two of school and is still just as excited about it. This week he learned all about apples. He came home one day, went to the fridge, got out an apple, showed me the bottom and told me that that is where the apple tree flower used to be. And I did not know that. They tasted different colored apples and charted who liked what. And they have an orchard field trip coming up soon.

I was just getting ready to wrap up this post, up way past my bedtime, when not one but both boys start crying. Are you kidding me? Of course, they are, Marc is gone. Andrew has a nice gash on his elbow from an encounter with the sidewalk (that truthfully looks worse than AJ’s ER-worthy lip) with a nice mosquito bite next to it. He apparently scratched it and when I went up there his arm was covered in blood. I’m not sure what AJ’s deal what… but man, he was upset. Hardly consolable. Finally, they are both in bed… my bed (I didn’t learn my lesson). But they are happy, it’s after 1 in the morning, I am very tired, and off to ‘couch’ without hardly proof-reading… at least the dog is sleeping.

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