Thanks Mrs. Teacher.

Yesterday was Andrew’s very first field trip. It was to the Apple Orchard and he was SO excited about it. And because he only goes to school for 2.5 hours a day, his teacher made sure to tell all the children to tell their parents to try to come a little early yesterday morning.

All the way home from preschool on Friday, I heard from Andrew and his buddy how they can’t be late and they have to leave early. Mrs. Teacher must have really ingrained it in them.

So come Monday morning at FIVE FIFTEEN in the morning, Andrew comes bouncing into the room, already dressed head to socks with his preschool field trip shirt on all ready to go because Mrs. Teacher says to be there early and don’t be late.

5:15 AM.

You try to explain to an excited completely dressed four-year-old that it is too early to get up and he has to go back to bed. That didn’t go well. In the process, guess who else wakes up…. yup.

In plods AJ.

Both boys took naps.

However, Andrew’s field trip went well. He told me that he didn’t even get lost once. (I put a very special bright orange card in his pocket with our phone numbers on it that he was to pull out if he couldn’t find somebody he knew – is that paranoid?).

They got to pick an apple from the tree, take a tractor/wagon ride, eat a donut and cider, watch how cider was made, etc… They each got an apple and coloring book to take home with them.

I didn’t go on this trip due to many reasons, so I have no pictures. Our neighbor who did go is going to try to get some for us from another parent. So maybe soon.

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