We had an amazingly fun weekend at my Aunt and Uncles. Saturday was a completely packed with super-fun things to do. It started out in the morning with a treasure hunt that lead us all around the lot ending with a treasure box filled with candy, fake mustaches, stickers, bubbles, etc…. Very fun.

Next we carved pumpkins! Both Andrew and AJ did one (with help from Grandma & Mom).

Next we made caramel apples!

After lunch and down time, we all did the “Flying Squirrel”! Oh My Goodness!! AMAZINGLY, HUMOROUSLY A.W.E.S.O.M.E! So Funny! Picture each of us strapped up Peter Pan style swinging through space at high altitude. Even AJ flew!

Oh, but that’s not all. We then went trick or treating throughout the camp ground. We have done this several years now and these campers are the most generous candy givers ever. And the layout of the campground means efficient trick or treating! Perfect for a now hungry and tired Superman.

We came back to a campfire with roasted hot dogs, chili, and chocolate cake. All in one day! And just because I don’t think I’ve thrown in enough exclamation points, here are a few for good measure.

I LEFT MY CAMERA AT MY AUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I have all this wonderful footage of the weekend… and none to share with you. At least not yet.


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