The price of beauty…

We got Andrew’s school picture proofs back today. The good news is he has his shirt on the right way. Somewhere during the day, he turned his shirt around and it was anybody’s guess as to whether his shirt would be backward in the photos.

The other good news is that the pictures turned out SO GOOD! The pictures above don’t really do them justice because the photographer’s website intentionally has the proofs at a low dpi. We really don’t ‘do’ professional photos since I take so many pictures on my own and the few times we have gone professional, we haven’t had much success. So I was excited that he did so well in these pictures. I really like the one all the way to the right. This photographer did a really great job.

The bad news is… the photo packages are so stinkin‘ expensive! C’mon! Are you kidding me? Of course we think our children are the most adorable things (well, I know mine are) so we WANT pictures of them and THEY know that and charge and arm and a leg. Yikes! This will be one I contemplate a while.
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