What a Weekend!

Wow! I just got back from an amazing weekend. My friend Becky and I left our kids with our husbands and took off Friday morning. She had two free tickets to Cedar Point for Friday night only. We drove to Sandusky, checked in to our hotel, then hit Cedar Point at 5pm. We stayed in a Cedar Point hotel and therefore got a 1-hour early entry.

Cedar Point was perfect. Friday nights are really the way to go. From 5 until midnight, we did 21 ‘things’…. with 15 of them being big rides! Our longest wait was 30 minutes, but the average was about 15. There were even a few rides where we could run around and get back on the very next turn! (We admitted we were pretty dorky, racing with 12 year old boys). It was so much fun!! Really, I am not sure we could have hit more had we had the whole day on Saturday. We even hit a few ‘scary’ things as it was a “HalloWeekend” there.

And the weather cooperated beautifully! We had a weekend plan B should the weather be too cold. But when we got back into the car at 12:20, the temperature was reading 55 degrees. That was supposed to be the high for the day and it was still that at midnight! And that’s on Lake Erie.

Because Becky and myself were all after efficiency at Cedar Point and therefore we literally speed walked between rides, we crashed hard back at the hotel that night. Saturday morning we headed back up north to Ann Arbor for an afternoon at the spa. We both received a complete manicure and pedicure, both with paraffin dips. It was three hours of bliss and because of a gift card, it was very reasonable as well.

My toes on the left, Becky’s on the right (isn’t she daring!)

We continued home and after a few trips between our house and Becky’s house due to being locked out, we finally landed at Becky’s empty house for the evening (her hubby and kiddos spent the night at our house). We spoiled ourselves with girly food, wine, and a chick flick. I missed my fellas, but man, I could get used to weekends like this.

Turkey Summer Sausage & Fruit Salad. Cheeses: Light Brie, Smoked Gouda, Garic Cheddar, Colby & Sharp Pinconning. Sourdough Bread, Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Peppers, Pretzels, Green Olives, & Raspberry Honey Mustard Spread.

We also roasted our own garlic. Oh wow – so good.

And finally, dessert. Truthfully, I think we had as much fun prepping the food for the pictures (pretending we were on the Food Network) as we did eating them. I told you we were dorky.

The Chick Flick.

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