Under the weather…

Today has been a bit of a nothing day. I am under the weather. It’s only a cold… but sometimes it seems like the simple cold can kick my b*tt. So we are just hanging at home today.

I am not sure if I mentioned on here or not, but I am watching my friend’s children on the regular basis now. It’s a very good thing and I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with them while bringing in a little extra income. However, I am thankful that it was just me and the boys today. Usually with my colds, one day is rough and it gets better from there.

However, a few nice things happened today. First of all, I was feeling really guilty because we have been so busy lately, that I haven’t been able to take the boys out for walks/bike rides lately. And here was this beautiful day out, who knows how many we’ll have left, and I just wasn’t up for it.

But around noon, our neighbor & Andrew’s classmate knocked on the door (with me still in jammies – at least the kids were dressed), asking if they could take the boys for a ride. Andrew rode his bike with Gabe and AJ rode in the bike trailer behind Gabe’s dad’s bike. What a blessing. The boys got some fresh air and energy out and I got a little down time with the house to myself.

Secondly, because I wasn’t up for all the usually things that need to be done like laundry and cleaning, I was able to tackle a few projects that required me just to sit…. things that needed to be done, but would get pushed to the wayside by more pressing things, like laundry and cleaning.

Finally, and I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. But I put the boys down for a nap around 1pm. They talked and played for a while, at least a half hour if not a little longer. But one minute they were talking and giggling and the next it was silent… like they just crashed instantly. This surprised me as Andrew is napping less and less and I usually let him back up about about a half hour of quiet time in bed. AJ got up after his usual 1.5-2 hour nap.

At FIVE O’CLOCK, I went in to wake up Andrew and it was like I was trying to wake him in the middle of the night. I stirred him and told him it was time to get up, then left him to get up on his own (plus he is on the top bunk, so I can’t exactly lift him down.) At 5:10 I repeat the process. At 5:20pm, Andrew finally makes his way downstairs. He must have been exhausted! This from the kid who usually springs out of his bed. AJ is usually my slow riser.

We ate an easy dinner (Marc has work meetings tonight) and I sent the boys to the backyard to play while I did manage to at least pick up the kitchen and tidy the main floor a bit. Then we settled in for “Herbie” and popcorn. I let the boys stay up later tonight because I know Andrew is not going to be ready for bed a mere 3 hours after he woke up.

Tomorrow is back to a busy one. Andrew has school, I am watching two additional boys, and I have Bible Study in the evening. Here’s hoping this cold high-tails it out of here.

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