Omaha Steaks Update

Too good to be true? Kinda…. I received an email today (after I received a couple different confirmation notices from Omaha Steaks) that back them out of their offer. My guess is TONS of people did this deal as I found it several places online and they weren’t prepared for that. I still really can’t complain as I will still only spend $1.98 and still get 8-5oz. steak burgers delivered to my door… I am just losing out on the 12-4oz steak burgers. Oh well…

The email is listed below:

Thank you for shopping at Omaha Steaks! We appreciate your business
and are confident you will be delighted with your order.

We do show when placing this order, a special offer for a free item
was combined with the $25 reward card. As stated in all promotions for free items,
offers cannot be combined. Your order will ship without the free item.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us
at1-800-329-6500. We would be happy to assist you.

Omaha Steaks

And an even more detailed run-down is explained here, where I originally found the deal. Sorry, if anyone else tried it.

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