I Am My Mother’s Daughter

Tomorrow is Andrew’s snack day at school, which also means he gets to be the line leader. It’s a very exciting day.

Last Sunday, I made pumpkin spice muffins for the following Muffin Monday. Andrew liked them so much he asked if that is what he could take for his snack day. No problem, I can make more for his class.

Today we were at the store and I decided since he was taking these to school that I would use paper muffin cups. I never buy muffin cups as I just spray my muffin tin… No real reason, I just do. Anyway, I found that muffin cups are $.69 for 90 cups – way cheaper that I thought they would be. And after using them now and not having to clean my muffin pan… I am converted.

Anyway, after I put the paper cups into the muffin pans, I caught myself absent mindedly repositioning the cups so that no two alike colors were next to each other.


That is what I use to do with my mom when we made blueberry muffins before gymnastic meets when I was little. I haven’t used muffin cups in years and years. Yet, there I was rearranging the cups. Heaven forbid my muffins bake next to another like-colored muffin.

So silly how some things stick with you.

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