Errand Day

It started at 8:40 AM…

  • Pick up Neighbor/Classmate
  • Drop Boys off at Preschool, AJ stays with me.
  • Shop Aldis and load the cooler with our cold groceries in the back of explorer.
  • Hit Bank
  • Buy Coffee Mate creamer at Walgreens – $1.48 for 4-16oz bottles! ($.37 each!)
  • Hit the Bread Outlets for 100% Whole Wheat Organic loaves on the cheap (and throw in reduced powdered sugar donuts for the boys, I swear.)
  • Shop CVS. Got $20.91 in merchandise for $.96 that I put on a free CVS gift card! And received $4.49 back in CVS money!
  • Hit Goodwill and scored winter boots for Andrew for $5!
  • Picked up boys from preschool
  • Dropped off Neighbor/Classmate at his home
  • Went to Staples and got gifts for Andrew’s two teachers for free after coupons!
  • Hit Meijer for the few items we couldn’t get at Aldi
  • Forgot to stop at the gas station ($1.97 Gas!!) and came home.


  • Feed boys a late lunch of rotisserie chicken and potato wedges from deli, while I try to put all my bags of groceries away.
  • Get boys down for a nap (or attempted nap).
  • Put frozen food away in freezer and decide to clean out upright freezer and update my freezer inventory.
  • Receive a call that we might have someone stop by the house and do a mad-dash pick up.
  • CRASH on the couch with the laptop listening to the boys not nap.


What a blessed errand day – even in this November rain. But I will be ready for a little night out tonight. Dinner with my friend before off to Bible Study. Phew.

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