Unplanned weekend.

This was our first unplanned weekend in a very.long.time. Seriously, since early September. All of our weekends have been good and fun, but planned. We were either gone, or had company here.

But this weekend we’ve been able to do whatever. Not that what we did was earth-shattering or anything, but so far it’s been a good one.

Friday afternoon we took a nice walk/bike ride with our neighbors before heading over to the Sischo’s for pizza. After we put the kiddos down to bed, the guys watched the Pistons game and us girls watched “Somewhere in Time“. Oh, a good movie. If you haven’t, you should see. It’s set in the Grand Hotel in Mackinaw Island. I try to go there once a year with my friend, Jill, and it was fun to see it throughout the movie.
Saturday morning was lazy, but we spent the late morning cleaning up the yard. Marc mowed up the leaves while the boys and I washed and packed away all the outside toys, washed the deck, etc…
We warmed up to homemade chicken noodle soup. I’m kinda proud of how good it was (I’m not really a soup maker).
After naps, we fed a boys a large snack and took them to the cheap seats to watch Wall-E. This was a risk since my boys are very picky about their movies and we haven’t had great luck trying the theater in the past. But, the boys did pretty good.
The theater wasn’t very crowded so there was wiggle room which was necessary for AJ. He only asked me to ‘turn it off’ once. Andrew stayed pretty glued, however, when all was said and done and we asked him what he thought of it, he told us that he didn’t like it. None of it. Yet, both he and AJ talked about the movie quite a bit today.
We finally made it church this morning, the first Sunday in quite a while. Man, I missed it. It was a great service. We had an easy crockpot roast dinner before naps. I love Sunday naps. Marc went to play football with the guys from church, so the boys made a CVS run with me before using up the last of our Burger King free fry coupons. That’s disappointing. It was nice to feed us for $3. Maybe too nice – as we became BK regulars when we had those coupons.
The boys got tubs and put to bed. I worked around the house a bit, did a little laundry, and made bread. Now, I am vegging with the laptop, the TV (do I dare confess that Hannah Montana is on it?) and warm, fresh, right-out-of-the-oven sourdough bread with honey. Good weekend.
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