Another Field Trip

Andrew went on another field trip last Wednesday and AJ and I were able to go with him this time. He was a big helper.

In fact, the Monday before, his teacher said something to the effect of they should exercise a lot the day before so they would have strong muscles to bring to help move all the food… because Andrew was bound and determined to ‘exercise’ all day Tuesday by running the length of our house over and over so he could carry lots of food.

They delivered the food and got to see where it was stored. They saw how much food was there and learned that all that food would only last the pantry one week. We were even there during a ‘distribution time’, so they were thanked by many of the people that the food goes to help.
It was a short field trip and since it was practically in our neighborhood, we just drove home early vs. going back to school for a few minutes. But I think it was a good learning time for the kids.

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