Our Thanksgiving.

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year. We received some bad news the Friday before that Marc had been laid off. It was a surprise, but we are praying that he will find something quickly and that God will provide all our needs. We decided to make the Thanksgiving trip to Iowa anyway and I’m thankful we did. It was so nice to see everyone and a nice get-away from the stress of unemployment.

I am thankful for my God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Anyway, we headed out Wednesday late afternoon with our Explorer packed… two boys with car seats, all our gear and presents (we did Christmas, too), three adults and a dog. Yes, we carpooled with a friend and his dog all the way to Iowa and back. And truthfully, both drives went really well. Surprisingly well. Thank you Lord.

I am thankful for my family, both immediate & extended. They truly are a blessing.

We arrived in Iowa and had a nice traditional Thanksgiving at Marc’s parent’s home. All 15 of us who were staying there. It was really nice to see everyone. Andrew was inseparable from his 6 yr old cousin, Aidan. And AJ played with his 2yr old cousin, Klaryissa, as if he sees her everyday. Sleeping arrangements were a little sketchy, but we survived just fine. We also celebrate Christmas together and got a little spoiled.

I am thankful for supportive friends.

Friday, the whole troupe made the 2hr trip up north to visit Marc’s grandparents and aunt & uncle. We took over the nursing facility where we met and they treated us exceptionally well… they even washed and dried AJ’s pants when he had an accident and I had no other clothes with me.

I am thankful for our health.

Saturday was rest, recovery, and leftovers. The boys got a little alone time with Grandma & Grandpa. We packed up and headed home Saturday evening getting in early Sunday morning. So I have the house that desperately needs work and laundry that desperately needs done. But that’s the way it goes.

I am thankful for a warm house and two cars that run
(most of the time).

Andrew was thrilled to be back to preschool this morning and see his buddy, Gabe, and we are back to our regular Monday Night Bible Study tonight. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

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