He works hard for his money, so you better treat him right.

We have some good news. Through a friend of a friend, Marc was able to pick up hours working for a company snowplowing at night. It was a complete God thing as they called Marc, when a mere day later, the company had several calls come in by people looking for work.
The bad news is the poor guy just got in this morning at 9am and hadn’t slept since yesterday morning. I didn’t sleep well either concerned about him and when I did sleep, I dreamt of him snowplowing. (although I feel horrible complaining about how bad I slept, when at least I slept and was in a warm bed and not out awake in the cold.)
The good news is the extra money will help us get through this stretch, if he can survive it.
The bad news is the plowing took longer than expected, and Marc had all the car seats in the Explorer, so Andrew did not make it to school today. It’s the first day he’s missed and while he was disappointed at first (we didn’t realize it until he was fully dressed with coat, boots & backpack on), I think he’s okay. Especially since his Daddy mentioned that after he sleeps he might take the boys out to play in the snow. And, we are watching his buddy Gabe & brother tonight… So Andrew was comforted at the prospect of those totally fun things.
Now, I am just doing my best to get the house in decent shape, while keeping all four kids (I’m babysitting today) somewhat quiet so Marc can get much needed sleep. And from the looks of it outside… he’ll be back out again tonight. It is really snowing out. It’s quite beautiful. Continue to pray for us and our adjustment to all these changes. God is good and he has already shown himself mighty in our current situation.
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