As Sure as the Dawn & Rapture

This past weekend, the boys and myself headed down to Ohio to visit my family at my Aunt’s house. Since Marc didn’t come (stayed home in hopes of plowing), I borrowed a book on tape from the library. I never used one before, but I must say… this is the way to go when you travel. Conveniently, it was timed perfectly. I listened on the way down and the way back and finished the book as I pulled on to my exit ramp.

It was another Francine Rivers book…. one of my favorite authors. I grabbed the book, “As Sure As the Dawn.” It was really good. However, I realized once I got to Ohio and was talking to my aunt, that the book is the third in a series. AUGH! Fortunately, the way the book was written, it still made sense even without the knowledge of the first books. And according to my aunt, it doesn’t really give anything away for the first two books, either.

Guess what is now going on my ongoing library hold list.

I also just finished up the final prequel in the Left Behind series, “The Rapture“. It was good in the sense that I find myself thinking, “Lord… Now would be a really great time!” However, the book was a little frustrating in that the timing overlapped the first book, “Left Behind” and became a bit redundant in the end. Still worth the read.
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