Snow Day: Update – Sat. 12:36 AM

Marc didn’t sleep hardly at all last night (due to his funky sleep schedule now) and started plowing at 6am. He just got home at midnight. I stayed up, tired, just to see him a little before we both crashed. He hopped in the shower, while I warmed up a nice dinner for him. Pork roast, rice, & gravy. With hot chocolate & homemade cinnamon rolls for dessert. He deserved it.

However, as he was getting out of the shower, his boss called, who has also been awake a long time. His truck broke down and he needed Marc to come pick him up. The poor guys… both him and Marc. What a crummy way to end a very long day. So Marc literally scarfed down his food as he was putting his winter gear back on (he was starving), I packed hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls for both him and his boss and he headed out again.

As much as I miss him, I told him that I really needed to go to bed (the boys and I have a brunch in the morning.) So, I won’t see him when he gets home…or when I get up. Unfortunately, he has to be back on the road at 5am tomorrow morning… or at least that was the plan when all the trucks were functioning. We have another winter storm coming in on Sunday. Pray he stays healthy among all this and we can continue to praise God for the blessing of this job. This too shall pass, right?

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