Sunday afternoon, I finally finished The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. I am very pleased with it. The first two books, Black and Red, were fast-paced and action packed. The final book, White, slowed down a bit, but was still very good and wrapped up most things. However, there are still a few intentional unanswered questions and I’m just not sure how I feel about that, yet.
Does it make me curious and interested in reading more of his works to find my answers? Am I just supposed to leave these things to my imagination? Or am I frustrated that it wasn’t totally & completely wrapped up with a bow on top? I’m not sure yet.
Overall, a great series and I’m thankful I read them. The metaphorical imagery (doesn’t that sounds collegiate) was worth it if I got nothing else out of them… and of course, I got suspense, action, romance, and betrayal, as well.
Whether I ever get complete answers to this particular series or not, I will be looking into other works by Ted Dekker in the future.
Edited to add: In fact, even though there are already other Dekker books that look interesting, I just found out there are at least four more books that build off this trilogy… not necessarily part of the series and not necessarily spin-offs, but something of that general nature. Hmmm… maybe a place to find unanswered questions….
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