I haven’t posted in a while… a real post with real content anyway. And I’m trying to think of what we’ve been up to. Here are random bullet points.

  • My parents came up last weekend and we celebrate their birthdays (yet, my boys received presents… I love how that works). We were able to eat at Mongolian BBQ for dinner one of the evenings. I love that place.
  • We’ve received some encouraging news on Marc’s job front…Praise God.
  • We had Bible Study on Monday, but did not end up having it on Wednesday, which ended up being a good thing. (See next bullet).
  • My AJ is one sick little man right now. Coughing something fierce with a good fever as a bonus. Praying that Andrew doesn’t get it (Andrew is coughing somewhat, but that is the extent right now) and that it doesn’t go to AJ’s ears. You know it’s bad when he turns down hot chocolate and waffles.
  • I’m feeling very couped up right now. Too many days have passed without me leaving the house. But I’m not sure it’s going to happen today either (see bullet point above.)
  • I watched my “other” boys a couple days this week. Fortunately (I guess?), AJ was sick enough, that I didn’t have to try to keep his germs away from the rest of the kids. AJ literally laid in our bed upstairs and watched Veggie Tales all day, while the rest of the boys played.
  • Currently, I am in the middle of my annual “Defrost the Upright” day. We got the freezer only a year ago, and I set everything up last night before bed (removed food, unplugged freezer, inserted pots, & towels to catch water). I woke this morning, emptied the pots of water, moved the wet towels to the washer and it’s pretty much done. I need to wipe it down yet and move all of our food in from the back deck, yet… but compared to before, this was easy-breezy.
  • Today is Jammie Day at Preschool. Seriously, Andrew has talked about this day everyday for the past 7 days. He gets to wear his Christmas jammies, slippers, and take a little blanket. And, there is a possibility (still up in the air), they he is getting to go back to his friend’s house after school… in his jammies! Oh, what a day for a four-year-old.
  • I was able to borrow the rest of the Twilight series from my friend, Shannon. She was sweet enough to drop them off so I do not have to wait on the extremely long hold list at the library.
  • I am only one basket away from being totally caught up on laundry. You don’t even know what kind of achievement that is for me. (Have I mentioned I haven’t left the house in a few days?)
  • I “hid” some dirty pots and pans (and a plastic spoon) in my oven this week, then forgot about them and preheated my oven. Please tell me I am not the only one who has ever done that.

Well, they are random, but there you go. Snippits into what’s been going on here. Have a great weekend.

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