Meltdown Muffin Meltdown Monday

Another Monday. I confess…. this one started out rough. Nothing terrible happened, and yet everything happened. You know how those days go, right? Please tell me you do. The days where you are running late for school, you spill your coffee down into your purse, you conk your son’s head on the car door, you have a constantly whiny boy, etc, etc, etc…. Oh, goodness, it’s frustrating when petty things can get you so worked into a tizzy!
However, naptime came and I was able to take a nice hot shower and calm down. This afternoon we got our hands dirty. We made Cornstarch Goo!!! Mix cornstarch and water until it becomes hard in your hands when squeezed, but then melts through your fingers when let up. So.Much.Fun.

(hint: if you can stand it… wait for a while when done playing, even though it’s a huge mess, and it will clean up super easy.)

Marc then came home from running “errands” (after I wigged out on him a little this morning) and brought me back a surprise gift he said he would NEVER buy me. An extra large muffin tin!! He thinks it’s a lame gift, but I mentioned I would like one for my birthday or Christmas or something. I was excited about it and it was sweet of him to want to cheer me up. An appropriate gift for today.

So then tonight, we have our 20-Something’s Bible Study. However, AJ is better, but still not great and it work out for me to just stay home with the boys tonight while Marc goes to the study. Come 7pm, I was thankful for the decision as he completely melted down. Not sure if he hurt, if he was tired, but something was up. There was no comforting him until he was in bed. Literally, the second his head hit the pillow, his eyes closed and he was out. And he took a nap this afternoon. Who knows. Still praying that his ears stay clear.

Just another Monday.

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