The Plan

The other night, the boys and I got invited to the mall to hangout with our neighbor (Andrew’s classmate). We figured it would be a good opportunity to let all the kids run and play and burn some energy for the evening. And since we were going to be gone, Marc went over to a buddies house to hangout for the evening.

However, too late to do anything about it, we realized that Marc left with the car seats and now we had no way to get to the mall. This obviously disappointed the boys, especially Andrew (although he never knew the full plan to begin with… I’ve learned a thing or two in the last 5 years).
So, to cheer them up and still have a fun night, we sat down together made our plan. It was actually Andrew’s idea. He kept asking, “So now what’s the plan for tonight”. He’s heard Marc and I talking… that is SO something we would say.
Anyway, together we made our plan along with attempted pictures so that the boys could “lead” me through the evening.
  1. Dinner & clean up toys on main floor.
  2. Play with Cornstarch Goo (while Mommy cleans up dinner)
  3. Boys shower
  4. Have a special treat
  5. Watch a Veggie Tales
  6. Pick up toys downstairs
  7. Complete bedtime list
  8. Sleep.
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