What a week…

What a week the last 7 or 8 days have been. Seriously… it’s been good, but I need a maid. The busy-ness started this time last week when I watched my “other boys” last Wednesday and Thursday. Again – great kids, but 4 boys makes for busy days. Add Bible Study to Wednesday night and by Friday I was a little worn out. However, Friday night/Saturday afternoon was A.W.E.S.O.M.E…. but you already read about that. We decided to go to our Saturday night church service that evening.
Sunday & Monday, we broke our normal routine a bit and we had our “other boys” here all day both days. They even got to spend the night Sunday night. (Andrew was so excited about the sleepover). But by Bible Study Monday evening, I felt drained. However, I love the ladies in my study and was so thankful I was there when all was said and done.
Tuesday evening we attended a birthday party for one of our favorite five-year-olds. It was at an indoor playground-type place and because it was Tuesday night…. we had the place to ourselves. It really was a lot of fun. Wednesday, I had Bible Study in the evening.
Tonight we are having “date night”….with a sitter and everything. I have a LOT to do before then. Tomorrow night, we are having dinner with a couple couples. Like I said… good things. Really good things… but just a busy week for us. Of course, there are the usual things that have to continue throughout all of it…. grocery shopping, laundry, convincing a 4 year old to write his name on 15 Valentines, taking walks/bike rides in the surprisingly warm February weather, visiting a Kindergarten open house., etc…
Okay, I did mention I had a lot do to… so I should probably get off the laptop and get to work. The pizza that the kids and sitter are eating for dinner tonight is not going to make itself.
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