Odds and Ends…

  • Welcome to the 80’s! We now have a functioning fax machine in our home.
  • We were hit with a pretty good snow storm Saturday. In fact, we attempted to go to church and ended up turning around and heading back home because the roads were so bad… and that’s driving our Explorer.
  • Marc and I totally revamped our office/spare room downstairs. It was a lot of work and it still needs a lot of work, but it felt good to clean out and purge. Now if we can only do that with all the other rooms in our home. I smell a serious garage sale this spring.
  • On that same note: things are still going to be a little nutty around here for a couple weeks. Marc is home from being gone in TX last week, but has a co-worker/mentor in town with him this week and therefore will be gone most evenings. Next week he is back in TX for part of the week, then I think his boss comes into town the following week. Or something along those lines.
  • I am staring at a mountain of clothes that need folded. And I have three pans of enchiladas to make when I jump offline.
  • I’ve completed the next two books in the Twilight Series; New Moon & Eclipse. However, I think I’ll wait until I am finished with the series before commenting on them.
  • We’ve started a ticket reward system with Andrew. He can earn tickets for quiet reading time, helping me vacuum or unload the dishwasher, doing something unexpectedly nice for AJ, etc… Each ticket is worth 5 minutes of computer time. He can also get tickets taken away for getting out of bed, whining, etc… Seems to be working so far. It also keeps me in check as I can easily let the computer ‘babysit’ him for long periods when I’m busy and not paying attention to time.
  • I’m currently trying to teach the nuances of the “CVS Game” to a friend.
  • Andrew turns 5 in exactly two weeks. F.I.V.E!

Very random, I know. My mind just hasn’t been in a blogging state of mind lately. Which is a bummer, because I really do want to blog and I value the posts tremendously. Just need to get on the ball….

….like with so many other things. (*sigh*)

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