Our Fat Tuesday… so far.

There is usually one day a week when Andrew doesn’t have school and I am not babysitting. We usually try to do something fun or a little out of the ordinary that day. However, the last couple weeks, it hasn’t really worked out for some reason or another. But we had a rough plan for today.
First of all, it is National Pancake Day at IHOP. So, we got up, the boys got to watch a little PBS while I did a general house pickup/vacuum, then we headed out. I dropped off a coat to a thrift store, then we hit IHOP with the hopes of pancakes without an hour long wait. We got there around 10:30am and were seated immediately. We each received a short stack, which I couldn’t finish, but Andrew finished his (and then some!) AJ made a nice dent in two of his pancakes.
We then headed to Meijer. We needed milk, eggs, and haircuts. We usually go to our friend to get haircuts for the boys, but there were great coupons in the paper and they really needed it, so we just did it. The boys did SO good with their haircuts! They got suckers and AJ’s stylist even put “product” in his hair to spike it.
By then it was noon. We went home long enough to take potty breaks, drop off the milk & eggs, & make a few phone calls. One of the phone calls changed our plans. I was thinking about heading to the city’s art museum. It’s free for city residents after 1pm on Tuesday. However, I wasn’t sure if it was a kid-friendly place. One of the calls confirmed that Tuesdays were probably not the best day to bring kids, so I had to come up with Plan B.
Chuck E Cheese. This is far from my favorite place, however, we have been blessed with oodles and oodles of tokens and tickets by a couple of our former college kids who worked there, then moved out of town. So, we can go there and play for an hour or so for free and the boys are thrilled. We also had a $5 gift card, so we snacked on some cinnamon sticks, too. Hey… it is Fat Tuesday.
Finally, I swung by Sam’s Club on the way home. They have the best rotisserie chickens for the best price and it will feed us for three meals. The down side is you end up waiting in line behind people stocking their own personal mini-mart just to by a $5 chicken.
It’s after 3pm and now we are home. We are forgoing naps today in hopes of an early bedtime (that mountain of clothes is still staring at me… we had Bible Study last night). However, AJ was nearing a melt-down state, so they are up in my room (where the TV works) watching some Veggie Tales; having a little down time.
I have to finish one pan of enchiladas (ran out of eggs yesterday) & make waffles for breakfast tomorrow, yet. At least dinner is already taken care of.
How about you… did you have a paczki today?
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