Looking for book suggestions…

All right… I’m calling in my resources. I know I have readers who are on my same wavelength as far as books go…. Amie, Andrea, Dawn, Shannon… to name a few. But I’m calling for help from any and all of you.

I am almost finished with the Twilight Series. And I’ll comment on those when I’ve finished the final book. And usually, I already have my next few books that I want to read lined up. But not this time.
Oh, I have a few authors that are my standbys, and I have a few paperbacks laying around I’ve never gotten to – I can always go pick up one of those, if needed, but I’d love to hear from you.
I will be taking a road trip later this month to visit Grandparents and will probably have down time. I want books to take with me (even though there is usually an endless supply of books at their home). If I need to put any titles on hold from the library, I need to do it soon. So… if you’ve been a reader of mine for any length of time, you know what I read. Not too sappy, suspense and plot twists are good, I’m all for a good series, real thinkers… etc…

Help me out.
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One Response to Looking for book suggestions…

  1. Three by Ted Decker! Very Good!

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