The Highs & Lows of Five Year Old.

You know that we are doing the “ticket” system with Andrew…he can earn tickets he can then redeem for computer time. Last Thursday, he had quite a few tickets saved up because the computer had been unavailable for a couple days in a row since it’s also Marc’s work computer.

Seeing he had so many tickets and that Daddy had left the computer at home that day, Andrew made it his little mission to earn ALL the tickets (35 minutes worth) before computer time. So he was helping out in every way he could think of and constantly asking me what more he could do. It was really great.

When computer time came, he was only one ticket shy of having ALL the tickets, so rather than jumping on the computer, he again asked if there was something nice he could do for me. It was so sweet that I let him have the final ticket and told him it was for staying so good during his quiet time.

So now… for the first time since we started the ticket system… Andrew had all 35 minutes of computer time! Glory day indeed. The other three boys were fast asleep… no one to bother him while he raced his Hot Wheels around the virtual track.

Only 10 minutes into his time… Daddy came home… to get the laptop. He needed to leave again with it for work. Before Marc could tell Andrew that he needed it, Andrew excited explained the whole ticket day, how much he helped me, how excited he was, etc… Marc felt awful!

Marc then explained the best he could how proud of Andrew he was for being so helpful and how sorry he was that he had to take the laptop for work. Then to make up for it in the true “daddy” way, he gave Andrew a couple cookies, turned on a “show” for him, and promised him he could finish his computer time this evening (Andrew never gets computer time in the evening.)

This seemed to work. Marc found Tom & Jerry on. Yea… Andrew actually asked us, “Who’s Tom & Jerry?”… don’t we feel old. Anyway, Andrew LOVES Tom & Jerry. I have never heard that kid laugh out loud so much over a show before. It’s hilarious. I’m in the kitchen working, just laughing with him because it’s so contagious. I just might have to start recording more Tom & Jerry shows for him.

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