Never thought I would see this day…

So… now I’m listening to an “oldies” station. As if Marc doesn’t have enough to tease me about.
In our town we have 4 different local Christian music stations. We are very fortunate as I know many towns maybe have one, if that. And these stations vary in their “conservativeness”, tempo, etc… I tend to listen to one that I really like, however, according to Marc it is the “old people” station, as it’s on the more conservative side of the spectrum. I really like the other stations, too… except they play commercials and the trade-off for commercial free radio is worth the lighter fare they play. Anyway, according to my hubby I listen to “old people music”.
Now just Friday night, Marc and I were blessed by our neighbors. They took the kids so we could have a much needed date night. We went to Texas Roadhouse by default (least wait of all the places we tried… we were hungry!). By the way, I think I had the BEST burger of my life Friday night. Seriously. A simple bacon cheeseburger, cooked medium with a little worcestershire sauce. Oh my! I made myself eat it all, it was that good and not the point of this post what-so-ever.
Anyway, while there, at Texas Roadhouse, naturally there was country music playing which sparked a conversation between myself and Marc. I used to be a BIG country fan. It’s all I listened to for a long time and I even completed my internship here at our local (but huge) country radio station.
In our conversation, we were discussing how I used to listen to country all the time, but now I don’t (due to the “old people” music I now listen to). I made the comment about how country was the best from mid-eighties to mid-nineties. I miss songs like, “Shake the Sugar Tree” by Pam Tillis or “Young Love” by Wynonna, or “Be My Baby Tonight” by John Michael Montgomery, etc…
So, Saturday morning, while cleaning, I flip through our music stations (we reactivated our DirecTV now that we have income) and guess what I found?! A “Prime Country” station: the greatest county hits of the 80’s and 90’s. Oh goodness… my day was made. Amazing how great music can boost your mood throughout the day.
Let the teasing begin.
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