Thought it might help someone else…

We compiled this Puke Kit from too much experience (Andrew gets carsick). It’s basically all kept tucked nicely in 1 Gallon zip bag filled with the following:

  • T-shirt bib for each child: this is an old t-shirt with a slit cup up the back almost all the way, but not through the neck band. It then can go over their head, on thier arms and over their car seat buckles after they’ve been buckled in. Trust me… vomit in all the intricate car seat buckle grooves is the WORST and chances are, when the incident occurs, you won’t be home and will have to continue to use the gross car seat to get where ever you need to go. Plus a t-shirt bib is also nice if you need to eat in the car.
  • Little zip bag with 4 disposable gloves (is case there happens to be two ‘cleaners’ you can relieve each other from the smell.)
  • Little zip bag with Febreeze covered cotton balls (nothing like trying to finish a trip with the entire car smelling like puke)
  • Little zip bag with q-tips (necessary if puke gets in buckles)
  • Little zip bag with stack of baby wipes
  • Towel (we use one that we “acquired” from a hotel pool).
  • Plastic grocery bags (a couple for throwaway things and a couple for messy clothes, towels, etc..)
  • Extra clothes (these aren’t usually packed in the Puke Kit, but we usually have them anyway when we travel.)

And of course, we travel with generic Dramamine, as well. Hmm… maybe I should market a preassempled Puke Kit. Think Babies R Us would pick it up?

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