From the Boys:


Mom: AJ, how did you get that big scratch on your face? It wasn’t there 5 minutes ago?
AJ: When I was on vacation… Gideon scratched me.

Seriously, this kid is going on week 3 or 4 of his “vacation with Gideon” obsession. It is ALL he talks about and no matter what the topic of conversation, that kid can bring it around to the “vacation with Gideon.”

Sorry, Gideon…. most the time it’s all good conversation, this is the only time he threw you under the bus. And I still have no idea how he scratched his face since he’s sticking to his story.


Mom: Andrew, why are your basketball shorts and shirt laying out? (they were folded nicely at the top of the stairs)
Andrew: I want them out for when my basketball class starts.

We had just signed Andrew up for pee-wee basketball (same class as last year through our local parks & rec.) the day before. The classes don’t actually start for another 6 weeks. I think he’s excited about it.

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