Fun Friday (and past week)

It’s been a busy week here… It’s 10pm on Friday evening and I’m exhausted.

This past weekend was quiet for us other than church and small group on Sunday. However, at our small group meeting we had a real English Tea complete with Cream & Tea. Homemade scones with homemade whipped cream & jam. Oh my. Even the tea was great and I’m not a tea drinker. Think a light tea taste with a creamy mouth-feel (weird phrase) like coffee. Very nice.

Monday, I watched all four boys and Marc had softball practice in the P.M. My boys and I decided to stick the cooked roast in the fridge, packed a picnic, and we went to the park to play and watch Daddy.

Tuesday, I ran errands and grocery shopped (without the kids… do you realize how much easier it is???) Marc fixed our dryer hose in the afternoon and I am loving how quickly my clothes are drying today. I’ve been line drying them mostly, but still need the dryer on rainy days or if I have more than one load per day.

Tuesday evening, we all packed a picnic and hit the free concert at the Gardens. The music wasn’t all that grand, but the atmosphere was sweet.

I had my ‘other’ boys Wednesday & Thursday. Wednesday evening was also our 9th anniversary & we are heading over to some friends house for dinner. It was a really nice visit and they blessed us with an amazing amount meat for our freezer. Truly a gift and a surprise.

Thursday, we finally ate the roast that had been sitting in the fridge since Monday evening, then headed to the hospital to visit some friends who just had a sweet baby boy.

Today, whew…. today we met some friends at the Gardens (Garden’s twice in one week!). It was hot and beautiful and it wore us out. We came home in the afternoon and I let the kids veg in front of Looney Tunes for bit in lieu of naptime with the intention of having an early bedtime for the boys. However, Marc was heading out fishing on Lake Michigan and the boys & me got an invite to the beach. So we packed up and went. The boys got in bed past bedtime, but they crashed immediately. Maybe, just maybe, that means they’ll sleep in tomorrow? I can wish, right?

Next week is filling up quickly, too, but other than keeping busy, we are fine. Taking unemployment & bills one day at a time. And only by the grace of God, we haven’t seemed to fall into ‘total freak out’ mode too often. Or at least not at the same time… truly a miracle, I believe.

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