I know… it’s been two weeks.  Things have been nutty around here to put it mildly.  We’ve been busy and a lot’s been going on, but I won’t get into it all now.  Mostly our focus has been on this coming Tuesday… a mere two days away when my first born goes off to kindergarten.   (*gasp*).   Stay tuned… as I promise I will get pictures up and tell all about it shortly after.

In other news….. this is how AJ went to bed tonight. Why??  Because the back of his head had a run in with a rock outside….the projectile thrown by Andrew. 

So… we all know that head wounds bleed…a…lot.  However, the back of his shirt was immediately & completely saturated.  We went through the phases of, “Oh no… he needs to go to the ER”, to “Okay, I think we can just take him to the med center for stitches”, to “All right…. he’s fine.  It’s big & ugly and it’s going to be hum-dinger to cover and protect…especially at night, but he’s fine.”

The thing is… it’s in his hair… so how in the world do you protect and cover it?  We let it go most of the day… just keeping a close eye on it and cleaning it up as necessary.  However, how was he supposed to sleep on it?  It’s not like you can stick a band-aid on the back of his head.

So this is the concoction, I made after talking with one of my nurse friends. (Apparently, there are no tricks the hospital has for bandaging a head wound other than wrapping the head, too.)  It’s got a cotton pad smothered in antibiotic ointment stuck in there.)  

He had just had a shower (he had a couple today as it’s the only real way to clean it without it hurting him) when I wrapped his head.  So I’m sure his hair will be a hoot in the morning.  We’ll see if this even lasts through the night.

On a side note: Andrew immediately realized what he did and started bawling running to us telling us how sorry he was (this was before we even knew what happened).  I think all the blood (and there was a lot) freaked him out.   Anyway…. all is well and forgiven.

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One Response to Rambo

  1. Rebecca H. says:

    BOYS! We had a similar event at our house once, when Sebastian donkey-kicked Isaac off of the couch and straight into the corner of the oak coffee table. Blood everywhere! Sebastian felt HORRIBLE, but it was already done. Isaac did end up in the ER until about 3:00 in the morning. Came home with a shaved head and staples. Yuck. Like I said, BOYS!

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