09.09.09 – Day Two

Day Two of Kindergarten…

So this morning, we get out right on time at 7:30am. After only two days, I think we are finding out that it doesn’t take as long as we thought to get to school and unless there is bad weather (there will be – this is Michigan) we can leave the house a little later in the morning.

Today, we get to school at 7:45am.  After walking Andrew in to his class yesterday, we had mutually agreed that today I was just going to drop him off with their drop-off system.  I even double checked this with him a few minutes before we got to school.  However, once we got into the actually drop-off lane, Andrew had a change of heart.  So we did a quick swerve and found a parking space. Keep in mind, I had planned to simply drop him off…. so I was sporting uncombed hair, no make-up, etc…

The good news is, is that Andrew was able to find his classroom with no help at all. However, apparently, going straight to your classroom like yesterday was the exception, not the rule.  That was a first day of school thing only.  If Andrew gets there earlier that 7:55, he sets his backpack in the hall and goes out to the playground with all the other kids.  A.L.L. the other kids.  Like the entire school.  Like including great big scary eighth graders who all know each other and are running around thrilled to be back with their friends on the playground.

Even my big, outgoing Andrew clung tightly to me with his eyes a little bugged out. I think my eyes were even a little bugged out. And then, something happened…. maybe a whistle blew or a signal was made, I’m not sure… but all at once a mass wall of children came running sprinting tearing back for the school. Oh, how I felt for the little kindergarteners who were alone this morning.

Once all the big kids were lined up in appropriate lines, the rest of the designated adults rounded up the little lost Kindergartens and showed them the ropes…. when and where to go. It seems like a good system once you know it and I think Andrew will be just fine, however, I have every intention of not being too terribly early in general. I will also be walking him in again tomorrow, just to make sure.

And I’m sure, by this time next week, he’ll have all the confidence of those big kids in the morning. Knowing him, he may even ask to go to school early to play before class starts.

I’ll be heading off to pick him up here shortly.  I have my other boys today, so the Dykstra bus will be heading out and we will be taking advantage of the pick-up system today.

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