My Kindergartner

Today was the day.  First day of Kindergarten.  I think it went well.  At least well enough that Andrew wants to go back tomorrow.  It was hard to get anything out of him at first when I asked him how his day went, but I think over the course of the afternoon/evening, I was able to get the jist of his day. 

This morning started out with Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  I know it’s technically toasty Tuesday, but not the first day of kindergarten is a once in a lifetime event and chocolate chip pancake were in order.

I walked him into school for this first day (and I was thankful as he totally went down the wrong hall).  We found his class & his own cubbie, then dropped off his school supplies before finding his very own desk complete with desk name tag and shirt name tag.  We even  found his friend, Emma and her mom.  Emma was in Andrew’s preschool class.

I got one final hug then was shoo-ed out the door along with the other moms & dads.   I really did fine, I think.  There was a twinge of sadness walking back down the hall and out of the school, but I was fine a few minutes later.

Marc & AJ picked him up from school.  Daddy then took Andrew & AJ out to Taco Bell for lunch and then took Andrew for an overdue haircut.

The nice thing is the pick-up/drop-off system the school has.  From here on out, we don’t even have to get out of the car when dropping him off or picking him up.   From what I gathered from his day… he had a page to complete (see pictures below), they had circle time with a story & songs, they had playground time, potty time, & snack time.  That’s about all I could pick from his brain… but then again, kindergarten is only 3.5 hours, so I’m not sure how much more they’d fit in. 

He was very excited about snack time.  For the longest time he has asked for pumpkin muffins (“Puffin Munkins” as AJ & I like to call them) for his first day of school.  So this weekend I made them for him and he got to take one to school today.  Somehow the Magic Snack Fairy also snuck an Oreo into his snack sack, too.  Amazing. 

Anyway, overall, I’d say that his first day was a success.  I’ve posted a picture slideshow below of the morning including all the “Me Too!” shots of AJ.  Enjoy.

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