Week 1 – Complete

Andrew (and family) has survived the first week of school.  And get this… the kid was bummed out this morning because it was Saturday and he couldn’t go to kindergarten today. 

Oh wait… you mean, tomorrow is Sunday and I can’t go then either??? I have to wait all the way until Monday before I can go back?  THE HORROR!

I think that’s a good thing, right?

So after last Wednesday morning, I decide that on Thursday morning I would walk him in one more time. I wanted him to get another feel for the craziness that is “before school playground time“.  However, in order not to stand out there so long, we left a little later.  Too late.  We got there at 7:55… early enough for school, but too late for playground time.  This, I think, would be the ideal time to arrive in general, but since the whole point of me walking him in was to experience the playground again, we were too late.

Just so you know that I am not exaggerating…. we have another mom that I am getting to know and she said her kindergarten daughter is completely loving school until she finds out that she has to go on the playground in the morning… then she starts crying.

So… here comes Friday morning and Marc is taking him to school.  I make sure I stress that he has to get Andrew there early and that he needs to walk Andrew in, so Andrew can have one more experience learning the routine with a parent present.  I half expected Marc to come home, tell me the kid was completely fine and that I was silly to think he needed to walk Andrew in.  Nope…. Marc wants to give him yet another day of being walked in.  It is nutty, I tell ya.

Other than playground… Andrew l.o.v.e.s school.   I can’t get him to talk much about it in one setting.  You know us moms… the second he gets in the car, I bombard him with questions.  But throughout the rest of the day… little tidbits of his day leak out in conversation here and there.

What we know:
  • He’s sits at the Green Triangle table.
  • He loves snack time.
  • He likes to play pirates during recess with two friends, but he can never remember their names.
  • He’s already had music class and gym class.
  • He already had picture day. AJ, possibly as an act of revenge, pelted him with a toy in the tub the night before… so we’ll see if the picture show the bruise on his cheek… at least I’m confident his shirt was on the right way.
  • He already has his first fundraiser… a Walk-A-Thon.
  • I’m already signed up to volunteer at his school next week and bake for a Fall Festival Party.
  • He has his first homework assignment. (A big yellow sun was sent home and he has until Tuesday to decorate it with pictures, drawings, stickers, magazine cut-outs, etc… of what he did this summer.)  It will be hung in the hallway for the whole school to see. 
  • We might be carpooling with another family on the short term basis until the official school carpool list gets released and we can both find better options.
  • The pick-up system is still a little rough… hoping parents get their act together this next week
That’s a lot for only 4 days.  They mean it when they say these charter schools are very parent involved.  Other than the distance from our home (about a 17 minute drive – twice a day) and the carpooling fiasco that I really have even got into here online, I’ve been very pleased.
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2 Responses to Week 1 – Complete

  1. faroutmom says:

    Hey Kellie–Awesome week for you guys! We started our first year of homeschool this week and the kids are enjoying it, I think.I wanted to tell you about our pick-up lane at our public school for the last few years…it seemed to me that the first two, or maybe three weeks of school, everyone (including the parents) are trying to get back in the swing of things. Schedules are being tweaked and extra stuff is still being brought in to school from home. So, it takes time for everything to normalize (as you know) but you will begin to notice that it will…and probably soon.Anyway, just reading about it brought back some memories for me, so thought I would share my $.02.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kelli, our carpool line is crazy the first week, and then gets better 🙂 We LOVE our Charter school! ~Jill

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