So…. what’s been going on…. with me.   Well, things have been a whirlwind lately.  No kidding, it’s feels like I went from mild stay at home mom with hardly a thought to the minute hand to crazy schedule woman.

You all know about kindergarten and how that has rocked our schedule… driving Andrew across town and back twice a morning everyday.  And you already know that I also watch two other boys a couple days a week as well, right? 

Well, one week before school started, I started working part-time on my off-days of watching my “other boys”.  I am a marketing assistant for a realtor.  I work in an office not too far from our home.  So… pretty much every day is busy now. 

Also, I’ve started running.  I’m up to two miles in about 22 minutes about 3-4 times a week.  We have a nice 1-mile loop in our neighborhood, so I’m out there holding Marc’s radio/walkman (no iPods in this home), beating the sidewalk. I’m enjoying it, although at this point, I’m not sure I’m not just a fair weather runner.  In fact, calling me a runner sounds funny anyway.  My good friend runs 6 miles every morning…rain, shine, blizzard, etc…  She is a runner.  And I run.  There is a difference.

Of course, there is also LOST.  We are just starting season four.   This has drastically cut into my reading time.  In fact, I am STILL, S.T.I.L.L. reading the Ugly Series by Scott Westerfeld.  I am on the final book… I flew through the first three in a flash.  This last book, Extras, is taking me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to finish, at no fault of the author.  I’ve borrowed from the library, then renewed it, then borrowed it, then renewed it and borrowed it again.  I’m trying to finish it before forced to renew it again.

However, now that football season has started, the LOST watching may go down and therefore maybe my reading will get the boost it needs. We’ll see…

Oh! And we start AWANA this week. Which I am really excited about. Jesus time for the boys and childcare for mom & dad for one evening a week!

Other than that, I am trying to just keep up with the usual…. grocery shopping (couponing, deal hunting, etc…), cleaning, laundry, cooking, church, etc…   And purely by the grace of God, we are currently managing unemployment physically (bills are paid) & emotionally (most of the time). Prayers are always appreciated.

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One Response to Me….

  1. Jill Corwin says:

    God is good! I am excited for your boys to go to AWANA. I went when I was a girl, and our kids go. This year the girls are moving on to JR high youth group. They start tomorrow! Wow!

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