Our Artists

“Mom” by Andrew
“Dad” by Andrew
“Rocket” by AJ
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4 Responses to Our Artists

  1. greglong says:

    Wow, Andrew was pretty generous on the hair on the picture of "Dad", wasn't he?

  2. iisamu says:

    Great artists, but I actually have a somewhat random comment/question. Have you seen Glee? It's set in Lima at a fictional HS, but just thought it was funny.

  3. Jill Corwin says:

    Wow are they getting huge!!!

  4. Kelli says:

    Greg ~ You mean Marc's hair doesn't look exactly like that? Does that mean I don't have a trillion teeth, either?Scott ~ Yes… Glee is my guilty pleasure. 🙂 I caught the "Lima Loser" line. One one hand, you want to gloat that it's MY TOWN… but then they throw that line out… and I don't. BTW, are you ever on Twitter anymore?Jill ~ I see them everything and I still think so, too.

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