I know, I know…

I haven’t given up on this site.  Things have just been… well.. crazy.  This is quite the stage of life we are in.  I’ve been busy working and watching kiddos, packing & traveling. Let’s see what I can wrap up in some points.

  • The week before Thanksgiving was crazy/nuts.  We were trying to wrap things up for our trip, pack, I was trying to work and watch all my kiddos, AJ had a double ear infection with the appropriate dr. appts., we were (and still are) fighting with our insurance company, etc..  It was a pretty stressful week. However…
  • We took Andrew out of school that Wednesday and headed to Iowa to spend a nice amount a time with Marc’s parents and family.  Let me tell you…. it was a wonderfully relaxing time.  We really enjoyed ourselves and was able to forgot about the chaos for a couple days.  I will post a separate entry highlighting the trip with pictures.  I’ll even try to do it before the end of the year. (That’s quiet a commitment I’m making.)
  • We got back in MI Sunday morning, lounged around, unpacked, etc…  However, Monday, Andrew woke up with swollen eye.  Not knowing the rules of school and with them being on “high alert” for illness, we kept him home again.  It ended up just being a cold built up in his eye (according to the nurse) and a warm compress several times that day helped.  
  • Andrew also lost another tooth this week.  Just in time to sing him the “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” song!
  • Our laptop died on us before Thanksgiving, so we took it in (adding to the pre-travel chaos) and just finally got it back yesterday.  I’m thankful we had an external hard drive and extended warranty, however there is still a.l.o.t to do to get it back where we had it. They had to totally wipe our our motherboard, so we have software to re-install, things to update, etc….  Sorta a pain, but I’m glad to have it fixed & back with  no $$ out of pocket.
  • We are back at AWANA this week.  AJ is just adorable in his cubbie vest singing his little cubbie song.  Andrew is actually having to study.  He is learning the books of the New Testament.  He’s got the first 8 and needs to learn the next 19 hopefully by next Wednesday.  Anyone know an easy song to help him out?  It’s harder I think because the books are completely foreign to him.  I think if he knew the books just not the order, it would be different, but “Corinthians”, “Thessalonians”, etc.. I don’t even think he’s ever heard these words before.  Definitely need a song.  Maybe I’ll hit up YouTube when I’m done.
  • Marc and Andrew are also doing another basketball camp on Thursdays.  Our local gym has been so sweet to our family.  A great big shout-out to The Courthouse!
  • This morning we woke up to an early call from Andrew’s school stating it was a snow day.  Hallelujah!  Today is one of my rare weekdays where I am not working and not babysitting.  So we slept in and we are having a lazy day at home.  Although I feel like Andrew has hardly been at school lately.  Oh well.  We may even attempt to put Christmas up around here.  The boys have already been outside playing in the snow and have warmed up to hot chocolate and marshmallows.
  • Tonight we are having dinner with our Original Small Group from our previous church and then…. it’s…. BASKETBALL FRIDAY!  I probably haven’t mentioned Basketball Friday here, but it’s something Marc instituted around here several weeks ago.  Pretty much, it’s family night where the boys get to stay up late and watch basketball with daddy.  There are usually ‘special snacks/treats’ involved as well as popcorn.  And the thing is…. as excited as the boys get about Basketball Friday, I think Marc is even more excited about it.
  • Marc has an early morning men’s breakfast with church tomorrow morning and then we are having friends over for dinner tomorrow evening. Sunday is church in the morning and small group in the evening. 

 I can’t believe we are into December already.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have SO missed your updates, MOM

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