AJ the Brut

Notice AJ’s black eye and fat lip?? They are the result of two completely separate incidents of him hurting himself. Don’t worry, though, it was nothing a cookie (eye) or popsicle (lip) couldn’t solve.On side note, this week we attended preschool open house and officially registered AJ for the fall. It’s the same preschool that we sent Andrew to and we were pleased with the program.

We had been talking up preschool to AJ before the open house…. this to the kid who would be totally happy staying in his jammies all day and never leaving the house. He’s our homebody. AJ told us several times he was not interested in going to preschool.

So we were really hoping that the open house would change his mind. Plus, his good buddy (and fellow kiddo I watch), Noah, will also be attending the same class. Noah and AJ seemed to have a great time at the Open House. AJ was happy to play with all the toys… not too interested in talking to his future teacher…but I think overall, it worked. The last couple days he seems excited about it and has even asked us when he gets to go.

Come next fall I will be putting on the hat of Mom’s Taxi service.

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