Hearts & Rings & Pins, Oh My!

What started out as a joke last week turned into us shipping our kids out of state for a long Valentine’s weekend. Thanks mom and dad!!

I had been gone a lot during last week and was going to be gone a good part of the weekend, too… leaving Marc stuck home with the kids again and enough to drive him insane. I halfheartedly mentioned he should ship them to Ohio and when we started putting pieces together (like Andrew having last Friday off school), it ended up working out.

Marc took them down right after Andrew as out of school and while I was working on Thursday. Once he was back we were able to enjoy a late dinner out… just the two of us. Nice.

Friday, I didn’t work or babysit, and it was my friend’s birthday. So I stole her for the whole day! We had brunch, watched the new Valentine’s Day movie, got pedicures, ate a nice early dinner, then hunkered down with girly snacks (baked brie and spinach/artichoke dip on Stacy’s Pita Chips – amazing) to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics…. until we fell asleep on the couch. It was long day and a late night – but one I would repeat in a heartbeat.

Saturday we met up with the hubbies for brunch before splitting up. Men went to a movie and ladies to our homes. I cleaned and got caught up on American Idol before leaving to help with Children’s Church in the evening.

We met back up with our friends that night for 9pm bowling. I had some kickin’ coupons that needed used. We all came back here to watch the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas. (Surprisingly funny.)

Sunday, we slept in and went to the late church service before heading back down to Ohio to meet my parents and make the kid hand-off. I missed my boys tons and feel like AJ grew in those three days… but I could get used to weekends like this.

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