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Here is my baked oatmeal recipe and why we are eating it today for breakfast. 
Thanks, Jen!
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How Does it End: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

We are back from our Spring Break vacation and jumped right into a busy week.  While I have so much to post about and hopefully will get around to it, I’ll just jump right into to what we did today.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Single-Disc Edition)Our local theaters have a series of family friendly films running where children’s tickets are free and adults are only $3.50.  A couple weeks ago, by strategic planning on the wives part, Marc and his buddy took all the kids to see Astro Boy.  I looked it up on a Christian website and without seeing myself, deemed it ok.   And according to Marc is was okay, even though it got a little scary and Andrew struggled with “scary thoughts” about the movie for a while.

Well, after hearing great reviews about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, I decided to take the boys today after work/school.  We grabbed a quick lunch and settled in the theater.  A mere hour later we were walking out.  Too scary.  I had one boy even in tears he was so upset and begging to leave.  
Good thing the movie was so cheap.   And I’ll just have to figure out a time to watch the ending myself.
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Jesus Paid it All

Oh, Praise the One

Who paid my debt
And raised this life up
From the dead!

Jesus paid it all
All to Him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow.

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An "It’s Almost My Birthday" Party

I will be taking the boys to IA over Spring Break to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dykstra.  Marc, however, will not be coming along because he will be too busy working.  Yes, praise God… the man has a job! 

Next Tuesday is AJ’s Fourth birthday and since we will be in Iowa, we had his birthday party tonight.  Just a small little something with a few friends, but I think he enjoyed it. 

We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes and he got to watch “Cars” this morning.  Then because of the gorgeous weather (I think I heard we had a record high), he spent the rest of the day playing outside with his buddy, Noah.

For his party in the evening some other friends came over, along with the kiddos I babysit, for pizza…. AJ’s all time favorite food.  Seriously, the kids asks for pizza for every meal.  Then came the piniata.

AJ then got to open gifts.  I know the picture below is blurry, but can you see AJ’s face?  He totally freaked out when we opened this little spiderman toy he had wanted.  It was hilarious.   He also got a scooter like Andrew just got for his birthday… except AJ’s is blue.  So now they can scoot around together (plus… the scooters fold up and are much more portable for traveling than bikes.)
Finally, we ended the party with an Airplane Cake… complete with Grandma Dykstra’s Icing Recipe.  (I was told I gypped my oldest last month by frosting his cake with storebought icing.)  I admit…. this was SO much better.  Below is AJ blowing out his 4 candles with the help of his buddy.

What a good day for a birthday party.  And the best part… he gets to put on the birthday shirt again and celebrate all over again in Iowa on his real birthday next Tuesday.

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Did you know there were Mean Butterflies??

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Go Go Go Jo

Have you ever seen this production??

Last week I was offered an opportunity to head the to our local Civic Theater with some good friends to go see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Oh my goodness… it was just that…. Amazing!


I want to run right out and get the CD and blast the fun music.

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Playin’ Hooky.

I was hesitant to call Andrew’s school early Friday morning to let them know that Marc would be picking Andrew up at 10:45 am instead of the scheduled 11:20 am. I just knew they were going to ask why…

Me, pausing briefly: “For no good reason… they are just going to the fishing show.”

School Office Woman: “That sounds like a perfectly good reason to me.”

I knew I liked his school.
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