How to make an Airplane Cake

My little man recently turned four. (That post is long overdue.) Anyway, I made this airplane cake and received some questions about it. And since I took some pictures as I made it, I’ll see if what I did makes any sense to anyone else.

Bake 2 round 8 or 9 inch cakes. One cake mix box worth. Cut one cake in half.
Put those halves together with icing.
(Use homemade icing if you want to please your picky hubby.)
Slice the other cake to make the rest of the pieces. I actually made one more cut that I didn’t take a picture of (image a little off the middle piece). Hopefully the pieced together cake will make sense.

Use more icing to glue and assemble all the pieces.

Cover the whole think in blue icing. Pipe white “clouds” along the base.
Use more white for the windows
I then piped green to outline and spell out “AJ” and “4!”. However, personally, I thought it looked better before I added the green. Oh well.
Ta Da! An Airplane cake to please a preschooler.
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